What is web hosting?

Internet is a service most people take for granted these days, due to the massive use of different connected devices that offer permanent access to diverse services and general data. However, for cyberspace and information to be available online there is a service that is imperative for them to exist; web hosting, as the proper tool that allow services, platforms, resources and information to be saved and present at the moment users require them from anywhere in the world.


Without hosting information and computing resources simply would not be available to perform tasks and host required data and important components for their functions, making internet impossible to operate in anyway and being some sort of skeleton or data hardware where critical content is saved, available every day and every hour of every year that makes possible for web pages, applications, service platforms and other online tools to exist and work properly.

A proper concept for web hosting

Services like web pages and applications, as well as other types of platforms and information such as video, images, text and resources for them to work need to be hosted online, specifically on a physical server to be quickly accessed and permanently available. Hosting as a concept is a service that provides this possibility for different users, small and big enterprises, web page and app web owners, among others to save information on the internet.


Now, in order to host information online that will be required permanently by users in many ways and through different browsers and mobile devices, the concept of server comes to the table as the specialized hardware that allow such resources to be managed, available and present any time, with proper functioning and fast response for the related service performs the same way to the eye of the user.

Servers are the specialized unit where many web pages, applications and service platforms online can save their resources and requirements to offer proper functionality. Without a server would be impossible for them to exist, being the center of the web hosting definition and main purpose in the whole sense of it. Therefore, web hosting and servers are concepts that could not be apart speaking from a logical perspective.

On another part, due to its extensive approach and important function web hosting is not of one type only, with several sorts that achieve their purposes in different ways and with different performance. Dedicated, shared and free hosting web hosting are of the most used and known types.

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