Web hosting and domain: two services in one



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With web hosting sites online, service platforms and applications can function and offer their tools and possibilities to users across the world, since like this they can obtain the hardware and software resources and access content, video, images and text to show on the web. Now, web hosting is definitely the support behind web pages in any way, and this would not be possible without the inclusion of proper domain, as two services that act like one.

Usually, web hosting and domain are offered as one service or as a whole plan to hire, and this is because a web page cannot function or have presence online without the use of a domain, being in simplified words the name of the page. So, web hosting can act as the hardware support behind a web page to function and carry out its purpose, but without the domain such web page would not be able to be founded by users, and more importantly search engines.

Domain name and web hosting for web pages

A domain name is the internet protocol from which web sites and pages are known and to be found online, since every one of these sites has a domain and it would be impossible for one of them to show information without a domain name. In fact, a domain has even a more important purpose; making URL and IPs understandable protocols for users, allowing exchanging of information and the possibility to write them down using alphanumerical characters.

Therefore, at the moment of a web hosting service is required by a potential client, organization, corporation or group of people who want to have online presence through a web page, one of the key related resources and tools included in the service plan and advantages is the domain name. In this way, a web page, application or service platform can access to different resources online on a server, and at the same time be possible for it to be found online and utilized by internet users.

In simple words, the domain is the easy address or door for people around the world to use a web page, directing them to the server that is hosting every image, video, text, content, email account or any other related to such website. Because of this, the relationship between domain and web hosting is almost inseparable and usually service providers offer them as one, including even domain service for free when hosting is hired.

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