The different main types of web hosting

Web hosting is the service that allow different platforms like web sites, applications and others to host their content, technical requirements and resources on servers that make possible their optimal functioning and great performance. Without web hosting the internet as people know it and all their advantages simply would not exist. Now, being a complex topic as it is web hosting has different types available that are considered the main one for their description.


According to the different benefits, related cost, main purpose and other characteristics web hosting is divided into different types, which are suitable depending on the client, organization or person hiring them and their specific hosting needs. In details, there are three main types of web hosting that are considered the most known at least: free web hosting, dedicated web hosting and shared web hosting. Of course, there are others but these are considered recent and less known.

Free web hosting

Free web hosting is the type of service that does not cost anything, which can be hired from many providers online at no charge as primary benefit that suits perfectly for those small businesses, as well as people who want to have online presence with a webpage or service platform but without paying, since other types of web hosting are expensive.


Unfortunately, free web hosting involves characteristics that affect performance and general optimization in its hosting service. First, in free hosting servers include hundreds and even thousands of web pages and applications, of which computing resources are divided in terms of CU usage, RAM, operating system, software and more than make services hosted less responsive. In some case ads are shown and customer service and support is not included.

Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting is a common type of web hosting that allow small and medium enterprises and users to hire more optimal and better hosting service, by paying a monthly quote where a web page or platform can be hosted suitably and share resources in a server.

Unlike free web hosting, shared web hosting does not involved any type of ads and usually resources are divided equally for best performance and response. In the same way, most providers that offer this type of web hosting also provides clients with support, customer service and management options.

Dedicated web hosting

As the word says, dedicated web hosting is the type of service where the customer acquires a server to host a web page or a set of applications, taking one hundred percent of the computing resources for ultimate performance and convenience. Dedicated web hosting is the one that provides the best solution, but at a high cost that usually translates into several hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month.

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