Rankings of part-time MBA programs

Depending on the characteristics of the different master in business programs or MBAs, these are offered by universities and faculties using different establishments respecting time, attending approach and more that are designed conveniently for the parts involved in the teaching process; aspiring students to the programs and the teachers and instructors. 


For example, there are three different options that have to do with the way of attending MBA programs. First, there is the full time MBAs as program that are attended every day and meaning that students most of the time must dedicate most of their time to complete the program.

Also, there are the part-time and online master in business courses in which students can go to class on weekends or specific days of the week that are usually two, as well as the online approach in which applicants are not obligated to go to any facility, but to acquire content, knowledge and perform test using internet platforms through portable devices and computers.


Part-time MBAs are specifically designed for those professional students that must attend other commitments such as a high-level job at a company or enterprise, so they must invest time between jobs and classes. Next, rankings of part-time MBA programs will be shown as best choice for future students:

Part-time MBA in University of California – Berkeley Haas

According to the web site and specialized magazine US News, in 2019 the University of California – Berkeley offers the best part-time MBA globally, in first place in a ranking that included more than 50 of the most outstanding programs, faculties and universities.

Thanks to its part-time approach professionals and high-level business men can attend the master in business degree offered in this university, where more than 50 percent of the graduates are able to find job quickly thanks to the different companies and brands located in San Francisco, such as Google, HP and many more.

Part- time MBA in Northwestern University – Kellogg

The Law School at Northwestern University is second place according to US News in part time MBA, with programs that include degrees in management, finance, entrepreneurship, global and many more, including the diversity and professionalism that future applicants are looking for in a part time study plan, so they are able to continue working and completing the MBA.

This MBA can be attended weekly or between days with online platforms and recourses, with a cost of 3.200 dollars per course or a total cost of the program of 185.000 dollars.

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