Features of a great web hosting service

Web hosting services are an extensive industry right now, which has become mainstream due to the importance and relevance internet presence has respecting businesses, corporations, enterprises, organization of any kind and people in general. Because of this, this type of solution is very required for those who want to offer webpages, applications and other platforms online for users. Nevertheless, great web hosting services are known for several must features:



Reliability is a crucial characteristic every web hosting service must have, since permanent operation in service allow websites and service platforms to be available 24/7. Without this characteristic such platform will go down if electricity or connection problems occur.

Therefore, web hosting providers of quality guarantee the service and server functioning in a 99.9 percent of the time, taking responsibility for any malfunction, hardware failure or connectivity connection that may have negative consequences for websites.


Scalability and optimal server response times

An outstanding web hosting service is scalable in terms of server possibilities, adapting conditions and consumption depending on traffic and users entering the website. In this way, optimal server response times are guaranteed and web pages will open fast and smoothly, with any lagging that could cost bounce rate or users loss.

State-of-the-art technical characteristics

In order to carry its functions a web hosting service must provide customers and their web pages, mobile applications and online platforms with several technical characteristics, such as proper domain name that is usually free, webpage building tools, limitless or very high network bandwidth and emails accounts, along with the same case respecting storage capacity.

In this way servers and webpages will work in an optimal way and with no compromises whatsoever. On another part, tools respecting back up, site migration, RSS certification and others are considered quite valuable and make a lot of processes easier than they use to be.

Management and control panels, tracking and monitoring solutions

Control and management panels are very important respecting web hosting, since from these instruments users and website owners can manage their web pages, and getting to know in more details about information and data, traffic, software management and configurations, along with tracking and monitoring functions that offer valuable metrics to improve websites and general server status.

Usually, the most known control panels installed on servers and offered by web hosting providers are cPanel and Softaculous, although there are others available depending on the operating system installed on the server and other features.

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